This measles hysteria is our Selma moment

This measles hysteria is our Selma moment
Op Ed by anti-vaccine advocate Jenny McMorbilli

Fifty years ago, a persecuted minority marched against injustice and fear, and straight into the history books. And what happened on that awful Sunday in Selma, Alabama is exactly what is happening today in all fifty states, and even some places that aren’t in America. Yes, I am talking about the parents who don’t pump poison directly into their children’s bloodstreams, and the discrimination they face every day.

jenny1Think about it, Thinking Parents. Instead of marching across a bridge named after a Grand Wizard of the KKK, we are “marching” into state legislatures from Oregon to Maine, demanding our right to vote for Health Freedom! But before we reach our goal, the jack-booted thugs of the CDC, under the command of Bull “Orac” Connor, sick their dogs of science of us, as a flood of adverse public opinion pours from the pharma controlled media’s high pressure hoses.

But they cannot extinguish our minds, or our hearts. For we have allies, powerful allies, in our quest. Just as the persecuted African-Americans of 1965 had their Jewish college students, we moderns have our own freedom fighters along side us – Dr. Andrew Wakefield, BS, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The only reason we’re talking about any of this today is because of measles, a relatively harmless childhood disease that causes ice cream and a week away from school. And who’s to say that vaccinating or non-vaccinating has anything to do with what is essentially a viral respiratory infection?

But I guess when you’re out to deny people of their basic rights any excuse will do, especially if it’s related to Western concepts of “public health.” Kind of like how those racist sixties politicians used lunch counter hygiene to deny service to African-Americans, or public transport cabin air quality to make Rosa Parks sit at the back of the bus, where the air was only 50% oxygen!

This is our moment! We have seen the mountain top of Health Freedom, and no amount of “scientific consensus” and “legislative notice” will discourage us.

Onward my friends, as we climb higher and higher, into the rarefied air of natural immunity, to speckle ourselves in glory!

  • Jesus Mandela

    Sure, you laugh now, but just you wait until the outbreaks happen and you are the only ones protected.

    Oh, wait…

  • Jesus Mandela

    I for one am ready to “take a bow” while we “bring the U.S. vaccine program to it’s knees”.