The Spudd threatened with lawsuit by anti-vaxxer

The Spudd threatened with lawsuit by anti-vaxxer

Yes folks for the first time, and presumably not the last, The Spudd has been threatened with libel action about a recent post. The post has since been taken down and we will not be divulging any details about the person responsible.

We here at The Spudd have been Living our Whole life with the understanding that this website is quite obviously a satirical look at science and vaccines. Apparently not.

We should also note that this is not an uncommon tactic among anti-vaxxers, as Mr. Wakefield has shown us in the past.

We just want to keep Living the dream and put this Whole thing behind us.


  • Carmen

    I see what you did, there.

  • Mike Busby

    But isn’t Living Whole a satire website too because no one could ever take anything written there seriously now could they?

  • kirt

    must be doing something right 🙂 keep up the good work.

  • june Berenson

    I doth my cap to you, Sir.

  • Megan

    you can’t say not-nice things about me! You can only say things about how smartand great I am!!!!! No one is allowed to criticize me or I’ll tell my mommy!!! Whaaahhhhhhh!!!! I’m a living whole example of perfection! My mommy told me so!

  • Jenny

    you can’t sue someone for satirizing, or else Saturday Night Live would not be in its 98th season. What you’ve gotten are empty threats from a spoiled child that wants to blog about controversial topics but not get any criticism for it. I say if she’s willing to shell out all of the time and money that would be wasted on a pointless lawsuit that would get her nothing, let her. She won’t, because she’s full of it, but hilarious of her to humor the idea. Suing a website based in an entirely different country because it hurt her widdle feelings.

  • AlphaCentauri

    Depending on the state, suing to silence someone can trigger an anti-SLAPP lawsuit that can force the bullying plaintiff to pay damages. And even if they didn’t actually file a suit, if it was a serious threat (which I take it it was, if you removed the content), your lawyer might be able to file a suit to force them to show evidence that they have a case, and possibly do it in a state whose anti-SLAPP laws are friendly to your side.

  • Carstairs is available. Just sayin’.

  • I guess you must be pressing the right buttons. Keep up the good fight.

  • Chris

    That is right up with the two conspiracy theorists who chased a journalist on a sea cruise with a camera. So the journalist took of picture of them getting into her face, and posted it on her twitter feed.

    Now they are demanding another blogger who wrote about them and posted that same picture.

    • kfunk937

      Said conspiracy theorists now bringing back memories of The Blob, albeit in purple, courtesy of la belle mem.I thought read some pertinent discussion in the comments (of that post or another in the cruise series at violentmetaphors) along the lines of legal advice and/or referrals available through the Skeptic community. Srsly, the lack of sense of humour in some of the more litigious nutcases leads me to question the validity of the phrase “laughing like loons.” Oh, wait.

  • Chris

    By the way, it seems some people are very sensitive to criticism.

    • AutismDadd

      Re-read the crap you post if you want to see a person with nothing to say,