The pros and cons of using homeopathy

The pros and cons of using homeopathy

The Science Post looks a few pros and cons of using magic water homeopathy.



Lighter wallet to carry around. Waste lots of money on magic water.
Can tell people you don’t use mainstream medicine and get to feel superior. If you use homeopathy to treat a serious illness instead of conventional medicine, you’ll probably die.
People will believe any anecdote you tell them. Science-literate family and friends will quite possibly mock you for your stupidity.
You’ll have very expensive urine. Dana Ullman may follow you on Twitter.



  • Sandra Courtney


    • Indeed. Homeopathy is silly. That’s why this list of facts is humorous. Well played Doktor Spudd.

      • joe

        Yes Homeopathy was debunked AGAIN in Australia a couple years ago.what pees me off is there is still healthcare insurance that still cover Homeopathy.

    • Jennifer Bailey

      this is a site of humorous articles about people who don’t understand science and medicine… so I’m not understanding the complaint