Talking about new gluten-free, non-GMO diet taking up more time than woman thought

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BOSTON, MA – Local woman Fran Wissink recently made the switch to a  gluten-free, non-GMO diet, something she knew would take more time and planning but it was something she really wanted to do. What she didn’t count on was how much time and effort telling everyone about it was going to take.

“I knew I may have to drive a little further to get to a Whole Foods, maybe take some more time planning meals, but I was prepared for all that,” she explained. “What I wasn’t ready for was how often and how time consuming constantly telling anyone and everyone who would listen to me about my new diet would be.”

According to friends, Wissink has been sleeping only 4 hours a night as she is consonantly updating all her social media accounts with new gluten-free recipes, maintaining a count of how many hours she has been gluten-free (it’s currently up to 137) and demonizing anyone who consumes gluten and/or GMOs.

“She is going to burn out” said one neighbor.

Wissink has started her own blog and is now giving out free and unsolicited diet advice on Facebook and her website.

“I know how bad gluten and GMOs are for you, I have seen how much better you can be on a gluten and GMO-free diet,” said Wissink. “I also became a nutritionist this morning.”


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