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NSA to focus spying efforts on alternative medicine practitioners, continue to get CIA help with assassinations

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Security Agency (NSA) announced today that they would be shifting.

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CDC to debut ‘diet vaccines’ with less mercury, more aspartame

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC announced today that they would be debuting their new line.

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Anti-vaccers remain confused as to which vaccine ingredient to blame for autism

Anti-vaccers most often cite mercury in vaccines as the cause of autism, but now they.

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Zika vaccine trial called “huge success” after only 25% of test subjects get autism

NEW YORK, NY – In a huge win in the fight against the Zika virus,.

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Breaking: Anti-vaccers vote to leave America in landmark “Vaxxit” vote, rest of America rejoices

NEW YORK, NY – In a landmark vote held this week, anti-vaccers have voted almost.

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Family doctor not annoyed at all by “knowledge” of anti-vaccine parent

PORTLAND, OR – It’s a little known fact that doctors love it when you come.