Playing World of Warcraft may protect against sexually transmitted diseases, study finds

DENVER, CO – A new study from the University of Denver has shown a strong.

HPV Vaccine
“Cervical cancer is a harmless disease” say anti-HPV vaccine advocates

LOS ANGELES, CA – With the recent news that cervical cancer rates are down nearly.

Military prepares to help with forced vaccinations as school year approaches

LOS ANGELES, CA – The US military is preparing for the upcoming school year in.

Big Pharma applauds EpiPen price hike, looks to expand same tactic to vaccines

NEW YORK, NY – The recent price hike in EpiPens, up nearly 400% in price.

Breaking: 3 Olympians found dead after attempting bloodletting

RIO, BRAZIL – In a breaking story out of the Rio Olympics, 3 athletes from.

google university
YouTube, Google, top list of universities attended by anti-vaccers

NEW YORK, NY – In a recent study of anti-vaccine education and alma maters, Google.