Child Services investigating parents who refuse to blame vaccines for son's autism

CHANDLER, AZ – Parents of 3 year old Sean Powell are being investigated by Child.

Doctor amazed by patient who has "done her research"

Local pediatrician Dr. Amy Harrison was blown away by the breadth of knowledge the mother.

Local boy unable to trade any of his lunch with friends

Timmy O’Toole, best known for his kickball skills and getting the measles, was disappointed again.

Anti-vaccer uses secret essential oil mixture to cure vaccine injury, online store to open soon

An anti-vaccine innovator is set to make millions after they claim to have discovered a.

Anti-vaccer wants child with autism removed from her son's class, worried he will catch autism

In a truly bizarre story coming out of St. Paul, Minnesota this week, Sherri Dorey.

Killer Whale assisted birth now trending; 10% survival rate so far

The latest trend among natural, granola moms is killer whale assisted water births. The idea.

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