Doktor Spudd goes undercover, visits naturopath

BALTIMORE, MD – I, Doktor Spudd, evil doctor and pharma shill, recently went undercover disguised.

Anti-vaccine advocates have higher rates of allergies, study finds

BOSTON, MA – A new study from Harvard University was published today in the Lancet.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe conveniently glosses over Mercury when discussing the universe

LOS ANGELES, CA – Controversy is surrounding the members of The Skeptics Guide to the.

Breaking: Donald Trump actually born in lala land, not America

WASHINGTON, DC – In a breaking story hitting the newswire this morning, it has been.

Dr. Bob Sears new book "I Can't Believe They Still Let Me Practice Medicine" to go on sale this week

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dr. Bob Sears, known un-affectionately as “Dr. Bob” to his temporary.

Mercola unveils new At Home Surgery Kit, only $599

LOS ANGELES, CA – Joseph Mercola has struck gold again, this time with his new.