Bravo announces two new reality shows: 'Real Housewives of Anti-Vaccers' and 'America's Got Measles'

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bravo is pushing the boundaries of reality television once again by.

Report: Anti-vaccine advocates doing much more harm than good to the autism community

A new report released in the American Journal of Autism Science this week examined the.

Chiropractor diagnosing vaccine injuries through selfies

MALIBU, CA – Superstar chiropractor Willy DeMoss is quickly emerging from the pseudoscience pack with.

Move over Emmys, The Shillys announce nominations for upcoming Pharma Shill Awards

LOS ANGELES, CA – The 1st annual Pharma Shill Awards, or “Shillys”, announced the full.

Jenny McCarthy dyes hair pink, brain cancer imminent

Anti-vaccine queen Jenny McCarthy revealed to the world this week that she had dyed her.

Sherri Tenpenny donates pant suits to charity; charity declines

CLEVELAND, OH – Anti-vaccine doctor Sherri Tenpenny is known for her crazy conspiracy theories, missing.