Donald Trump wants to build huge wall of Measles along Mexican border

Donald Trump was at it again this past weekend vowing that if he is elected.

New anti-vaccer in over his head, fakes it through conversation at Autism One

CHICAGO, IL – Randy Gervais, a new member of the anti-vaccine cult, got in over.

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Jenny McCarthy files for moral bankruptcy

In a sad statement released through Facebook, Jenny McCarthy has declared moral bankruptcy. The anti-vaccine queen – known mostly for Playboy, Santa Baby, and being anti-science and anti-vaccine – has apparently run out of morals.

Number of alternative medicine users plummeting as more die from using alternative medicine

A new report from the thinktank Minchin Muses, has revealed that the number of people.

Jenny McCarthy fights for safer Botox

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jenny McCarthy has taken on a new fight this week. Along.

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Jim Carrey to give guest lecture on science; Neil deGrasse Tyson to write, direct and star in new comedy

Jim Carrey, one of the foremost experts on chemistry and vaccines, will be giving a.