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Neil deGrasse Tyson really regretting that Pluto tattoo

NEW YORK, NY – Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is reportedly really regretting his now infamous.

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Creationist Christmas parade offends local atheist, Festivus celebrant

WICHITA, KS – A local atheist is up in arms after a creationist Christmas parade,.

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Botox clinics now the hottest new place to meet single anti-vaccers, get measles

LOS ANGELES, CA – Forget Tinder, Plenty of Fish or even eHarmony. The newest craze.

Scientists mourn as Robert F. Kennedy Jr, 61, found alive

NEW YORK, NY – Scientists across the nation are in mourning today as RFK Jr.,.

Anti-vaccine celebrities have a combined total of three years of community college education

Anti-vaccine celebrities are popping up more and more and they all seem to believe they.

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Breaking: Brooke Borel of Buzzfeed claims Clark Kent is Superman

NEW YORK, NY –  “Journalist” Brooke Borel from Buzzfeed may finally be getting the recognition.