CDC whistleblower admits scientists destroyed old lunches from breakroom fridge

In a shocking development in the ongoing manufactroversy that is the CDC Whistleblower fiasco, Dr..

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Hundreds of people burn at anti-vaccine CDC rally as the stupid spreads

Anti-vaccers were out in full force spreading the stupid in front of the CDC building.

Autism One leaders outraged that ISIS speaker is denied visa

Autism One leaders are up in arms after learning that a visa has been denied.

Government debuts AVAERS: Anti-Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC in collaboration with the FDA and the Illuminati has announced.

CDC debuts "flushot dartboard" for this years vaccine

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC announced today that they would be implementing a new decision.

CDC tables controversial plan to reduce autism rates: "Go back to calling them weirdos"

Many anti-vaccine zealots claim there is a an “autism epidemic” occurring in America and across.