science, health, satire, vaccines.
Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist gets no response from CDC, claims victory

ATLANTA, GA – Local anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Bob Kennedy revealed to the world today that.

Anti-vaccers responsible for an estimated 17,000 deaths a year

NEW YORK, NY – A new report released jointly today by the CDC, NWO, and.

CDC experimenting with oral vaccines which will contain fluoride

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC is reportedly working on a new set of childhood vaccines.

CDC to hire internet commenters in lieu of doctors and scientists

ATLANTA, GA – After visiting article upon article on Facebook and various news media outlets,.

CDC whistleblower admits scientists destroyed old lunches from breakroom fridge

In a shocking development in the ongoing manufactroversy that is the CDC Whistleblower fiasco, Dr..

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Hundreds of people burn at anti-vaccine CDC rally as the stupid spreads

Anti-vaccers were out in full force spreading the stupid in front of the CDC building.

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