Breaking: Donald Trump actually born in lala land, not America

WASHINGTON, DC – In a breaking story hitting the newswire this morning, it has been.

Area man annoyed someone else had already posted anti-vaccine comments on health article

PITTSBURGH, PA – Local anti-vaccer and basement tenant Max Alexander, 24, was annoyed when he.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Anti-vaccer truly believes he won argument on Facebook by citing Natural News

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Local anti-vaccer Jay Wilson is giving himself a much-deserved pat on.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, Satire
New Pharma Shill app "Shillify" notifies shills when anti-vaccer posts comment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A new app just released at the end of 2015 is.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Dad insists on doing daughter’s appendectomy after watching Youtube video

AKRON, OH – The father of a 7 year-old girl insisted to doctors at the.

Anti-vaccers First Amendment Rights being violated

EVERYWHERE, INTERNET – Anti-vaccers everywhere are outraged at how their right to free speech and.

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