Study confirms anyone who is pro-vaccine is paid by Big Pharma

If you’re ever reading the comment section on a vaccine related article, you know they are there: the Big Pharma trolls. In a recent study put together by Natural News, Health Impact News and, it was discovered that any and all people who make a pro-vaccine comment on the internet are paid by Big Pharma.

“It’s really eye-opening,” said fake scientist Mike Adams. “We knew it was going to be a high number, but 100%?!? That’s just crazy. It does go to show that the anti-vaccine camp has been right all along, we just confirmed it.”

The details of the study are still quite unclear at this point, but it appears that the researchers scoured various vaccine related articles and attempted to track down information on anyone who made a pro-vaccine comment and link them to Big Pharma. Failing that, the commenter was removed from the study.

It has long been suspected that Big Pharma has trolls on overy major (and some minor) website in the world and this study goes a long way to prove that.

“Next time you get into an online debate with a pro-vaccer you can now call them a Pharma Shill with confidence” explained Adams. “If they deny it, just link them to this study. Case closed.”


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