"Stop comparing us to annoying people on the internet" say trolls

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Trolls have finally broken their silence and apparently have had enough of being compared to annoying people on the internet.

“We don’t even use computers and we don’t say things just to get a rise out of people either,” said cave troll Gundrak. “So stop calling anyone who posts an annoying comment on the internet, especially on health stories, a troll. It’s trollist.”

Trolling has become a mainstay on internet news stories and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

“There is nothing worse than reading a story about some new advancement in healthcare only to see a few comments down someone say something about Big Pharma, vaccines causing autism, etcetera” said internet user Dave. “I’m not getting sucked into another debate with an anti-vaccine troll.”

Trolling has been around for a long time, and industry experts expect the practice to continue.

“People love attention, people love to stir the pot,” said Bob Pardy from Firefox. “Especially on health stories. These trolls love to get people going by claiming outlandish conspiracy theories and calling people things like shills and sheep without any actual evidence.”

For their part, trolls from across the globe are planning a rally to stop what they claim is a barbaric practice of using their race as a derogatory term. Or they might just be trolling us.


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