Sharyl Attkisson honored with "Worst Reporter in the World" award

science, health, satire, vaccines.

Anti-vaccine and anti-fact reporter Sharyl Attkisson was honored this weekend with the Worst Reporter in the World award from the International Association of Journalists. The award comes with a large trophy as well as a scholarship to go back to journalism school.

“Ms. Attkisson had some serious competition this year,” explained James Novak, board member of the IAJ. “She was up against the reporter who hadn’t heard about the Ebola story and the woman who reports everything from The Onion as the truth.”

Attkisson is perhaps best known for regurgitating anti-vaccine rhetoric as serious journalism and believing her computer was being hacked when her delete key got stuck.

“I have been a victim of astroturfing ever since I made up that word,” explained Attkisson. “Big Pharma hacked my keyboard and forced my delete key to get stuck and every major network refuses to cover any of my made up stories. I am the victim here.”

The IAJ is hopeful that Attkisson will take advantage of the awarded scholarship to go back to school and this time perhaps retain some of the information she is taught.


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