“Shake it off” and “Walk it off” only health advice dad knows

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CLEVELAND, OH – Local dad Neil Walker, 52, admits that his entire medical knowledge boils down to telling his kids to either “shake it off” or “walk it off.”

“My rules of thumb is if it’s an injury above the waist, you shake it off and if it’s an injury below the waist, you walk it off,” explained Walker. “That’s what I always did growing up.”

Walkers children, now 21 and 23, remember their dad giving out his “lavish” health advice throughout their childhood.

“Yah dad never took any injury very seriously,” recalls 23 year-old Kevin. “One time I actually had a fracture in my leg after I fell skateboarding and he told me to walk it off. When my mom finally got home she took me to the ER [laughs]. Good times.”

Recent studies have actually shown that over 75% of all dads have said either “shake it off” or “walk it off” to their children at some point after an injury.


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