Science and the Internet file for divorce

SEATTLE, WA – The Spudd is sad to announce that Science and the Internet have officially filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

With more and more anti-vaccine, anti-science, anti-GMO, alternative medicine and conspiracy theory blogs popping up all the time, Science had finally had enough.

“I’m not saying I won’t be on the Internet anymore, I just need a break” said Science. “I want to come back when the Internet isn’t full of quackery and self-righteous health gurus and babes talking about food.”

In hindsight, this is not such shocking news. Science and the Internet have been in a free-fall for years. While lots of good, evidence-based science is out there to be found, the Internet has become a bastion for pseudoscience and miracle cures.

Defenders of scientific research vow to keep the fight going, fighting against the anti-vaccine, anti-science cult members that are infecting the Internet.

The Internet could be reached for comment, but unfortunately the comment was deleted and the user banned.


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