“Riding in Cars With Anti-vaccers” cancelled


A new web series called Riding in Cars With Anti-vaccers set to air on YouTube and the Autism Media Channel this fall has been cancelled. The series, which is a take off of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and the not so well known Chiropractors in Cars by uber-quack Billy DeMoss, the series was supposed to be anti-vaccine propagandists riding in a car discussing autism and vaccines with Mr. Andrew Wakefield.

The series had to be cancelled after the first three guests all pulled out due to their children falling ill with a vaccine preventable illness.

They did film two short episodes with the guests being Sharyl Attkisson and Brian Hooker. The Attkisson episode had to be cut short when both her and Wakefield did not answer each other questions, but merely tried to promote their books to one another.

The Hooker interview was equally as brief and just as non-entertaining. Mostly because the two simply went back and forth confirming what each other “knew” but could not prove about vaccines and autism.

A new show is already in the works entitled Taping Conversations With Health Officials Without Their Knowledge…in Cars.


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