Results of a blind taste test between GMO and non-GMO food

LOS ANGELES – University of California Los Angeles published the results of their groundbreaking study on GMO taste in this months issue of Nature.

“We tested six different foods: watermelon, corn, banana, eggplant, carrots and broccoli. We had 35 different tasters who were fully blinded. The results were very conclusive” said lead researcher Dr. Del Monty.

All 35 testers preferred the GMO food over their non-GMO counterparts. Twenty-seven of the 35 testers had nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after eating the traditional, organic, non-GMO foods.

“It was so disgusting” said tester Don Wickles. “The first bite I took of the very first food, I threw up everywhere. I found out after it was the non-GMO watermelon. Never again.”

The Spudd managed to get a copy of the non-GMO foods used for the test:




“I will definitely have something to say to people the next time they say they are anti-GMO” said Wickles. The researchers are trying to get a new grant to do a similar test between regular beer and homeopathic beer.


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