Report: NWO to focus more on GMOs, less on vaccines and chemtrails for population control

DENVER, CO – In a recent report uncovered by The Spudd, the New World Order (NWO) will reportedly begin to shift its focus from vaccines and chemtrails to GMOs for the purposes of population control.

“We have tried vaccines and chemtrails for decades and the population keeps growing,” said a disappointed Bill Gates. “We have decided to use our friends at Monsanto to focus all of our efforts on using GMOs as a means of controlling the population.”

Mr. Gates was quick to point out to The Spudd that vaccines and chemtrails would still be utilized for mind-control and causing disease(s).

It is no secret that the world’s population is growing at an unsustainable rate, especially if anti-GMO advocates had there way and stop GMO foods from feeding the world’s malnourished.

“As I have stated publicly many times, we need to control the world’s population,” said Gates. “Vaccines did a great job of it for awhile, especially in India, but people are catching on. We really need Monsanto to step up here.”


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