Picture testimonial convincing

Local woman and multiple sclerosis patient Jan Triton was blown away when visiting the website of Dr. Terry Wahls, who claims to have to have “overcome progressive multiple sclerosis using Paleo principals and functional medicine.”

“At first I was skeptical,” said Triton whose neurologist had long suggested healthy eating as one component of a healthy lifestyle. “The idea that one can repair the nervous system seems unbelievable. But if you go to her webpage, there is a picture of her smiling, one fist in the air next to the wheelchair she used to use.  There are also pictures of her holding the book she is selling, wearing her white doctor’s coat. These pictures immediately removed any doubt I might have had about the veracity of these seemingly preposterous claims and her credentials.”

“Pictures don’t lie,” she told The Spudd, “they just don’t.”

Triton was so blown away by the pictures that she immediately signed up for  Dr. Terry Wahls’ 30 day Quickstart Program level 1 for only $97, signed up for the Wahls Protocol™ Membership site, and purchased her “Food as Medicine” series parts 1-5 for $40 each.



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