Parents really confused after meeting daughter’s new homeopath boyfriend

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LEXINGTON, KY – Peter and Rosie Sallinger were excited to meet their daughter Kelsey’s new boyfriend when she brought him over for dinner last night. They had heard she was dating a doctor and he seemed very successful and well mannered.

“I didn’t even know what a homeopath was,” said Peter. “I thought Kelsey was dating a doctor, I didn’t know it was a witch doctor.”

Kelsey tried to explain to her parents that a homeopath is a real doctor, the same as an MD.

“My boyfriend is every bit as good and knowledgeable as a medical doctor,” Kelsey tried to explain to her parents. “The only difference being that he actually cares about his patients and isn’t controlled by Big Pharma…well that and not having any real medical knowledge. Those are the only differences.”

After Kelsey and Dan had left, Peter and Rosie tried to make sense of the situation.

“So he calls himself a doctor but didn’t go to med school?”

“Yes dear. He is a different type of doctor. Something to do with water I think.”

“He gives people water?”

“No. He sells it to them.”


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