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science, health, satire, vaccines.
Anonymous releases Google search history of several celebrities in latest hack

The hacking group Anonymous is at it again, this time targeting celebrities and their Google.

Finally! Rich white men to decide what rights women have over their bodies

NEW YORK, NY – In a breaking announcement today from New York City, rich white.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Black hole collision warps time, deletes February 29 from calendar

“I’m not an astro physicist, so I won’t comment on the existence of so-called gravity,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Syrian refugees acclimatizing well to North America, already hate anti-vaccers

TORONTO, ON – Several Syrian refugee families have began their new lives in America and.

Secret committee to decide on worst advancement in human history: vaccines, chemtrails or GMOs

NEW YORK, NY – An international committee of non-scientists and non-doctors are meeting next week.

People living in parents basements everywhere claim Paris attacks a huge conspiracy

NEW YORK, NY – File this one under not shocking, but many people are claiming.

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