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New 180 pound GMO chicken submitted for approval by Monsanto

ST. LOUIS, MO – The Science Post has learned that biotechnology giant Monsanto has secretly.

Smoking science
Anti-vaccine, anti-GMO mother of two finally down to half a pack a day

BALTIMORE, MD – Heather Squires, a 36 year-old mother of two, is finally down to.

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Whole Foods accidentally sells GMO strawberry; best seller for the past month

AUSTIN, TX – Whole Foods Market reported today that their best selling product over the.

WHO still unsure if Zika virus caused by vaccines or GMOs

BRAZIL – The World Health Organization admitted this morning that they are still no closer.

Area man gets e.coli from organic spinach, still glad he didn't eat a GMO

HOBOKEN, NJ – Area man John Stevens, 29, was taken to hospital over the weekend.

Least understood science of 2015: Gluten, Vaccines and GMOs

  Gluten An estimated 94% of people who are gluten-free, have no allergy to gluten..

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