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Hospital to randomly leave syringes around town in new flu vaccine campaign

In an effort to get out ahead of the flu this year and protect more.

Anti-vaxxer dies of the flu, family blames vaccine anyways

A Redmond, Virginia woman has died after complications from the flu. Mary Sharp, 49, came.

jeffrey epstein
30-50 feral hogs spotted outside Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell moments before his death

Jeffrey Epstein, a long time friend to many powerful people, was found dead in his.

FDA approves new 18 in 1 childhood vaccine

The FDA has just announced approval for a new all-in-one childhood vaccine which will be.

Man declared cancer free after switching to GMO diet, doctors amazed

LOS ANGELES, CA – Frank Garber, 45, was recently declared cancer free after his latest.

alt news
Alternative news sites completely reliable, according to study by alternative news sites

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alternative media and health/science websites are becoming more and more popular.