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Trump misses yuge opportunity in debate by not ranting about vaccines and autism

NEW YORK – The first presidential debate was watch by millions of people across the.

Trump: I Will Solve The Nation’s Math Problems

MODESTO, CA: Goodyear Satire Company— Donald Trump told voters he has solutions to all of.

Babies kick crying Donald Trump out of baby group

ASHBURN, VA – A baby group is in hot water today after they reportedly asked.

Breaking: Donald Trump actually born in lala land, not America

WASHINGTON, DC – In a breaking story hitting the newswire this morning, it has been.

Americans call for 'complete shutdown' of Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was at it again last night, this time vowing.

Donald Trump hospitalized after severe allergic reaction to facts, doctors recommend he avoid

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was hospitalized last night in New York City after.