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Trump: I Will Solve The Nation’s Math Problems

MODESTO, CA: Goodyear Satire Company— Donald Trump told voters he has solutions to all of.

Babies kick crying Donald Trump out of baby group

ASHBURN, VA – A baby group is in hot water today after they reportedly asked.

Breaking: Donald Trump actually born in lala land, not America

WASHINGTON, DC – In a breaking story hitting the newswire this morning, it has been.

Americans call for 'complete shutdown' of Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was at it again last night, this time vowing.

Donald Trump hospitalized after severe allergic reaction to facts, doctors recommend he avoid

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was hospitalized last night in New York City after.

Donald Trump wants to build huge wall of Measles along Mexican border

Donald Trump was at it again this past weekend vowing that if he is elected.

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