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Flu shot a poor match for anti-vaccers again this year

Once again, the flu shot is worthless to anti-vaccers. With an estimated effectiveness rate of.

CDC debuts "flushot dartboard" for this years vaccine

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC announced today that they would be implementing a new decision.

Flu vaccine designed to cover-up 9/11

Over the past several months, the investigative team at ‘Chemtrailz Are For Realz’ has been.

Hypothetical discussion on “vaccines for chemtrails” flummoxes anti-vaxxer

Devoted anti-vaccine advocate and holistic pediatrician, Dr. Harry Pavelsky, was genuinely conflicted when a patient.

Mother blames teenage son’s heavy use of tissues on flu shot

Lisa Aran, a 36 year-old woman from Dayton, Ohio and mother of 13 year-old Joe,.

Gluten and fluoride used in North Korean prison camps

Representatives from Amnesty International have revealed horrifying new details about conditions in North Korean prisoner.

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