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New Monsanto GMO corn reportedly protects against chemtrails

Agriculture giant Monsanto announced today that they have developed a new genetically modified corn which.

NWO hatches new plan to vaccinate clouds via chemtrails

SECRET UNDERGROUND LAIR – The New World Order in conjunction with the Illuminati, Bill Gates.

Hypothetical discussion on “vaccines for chemtrails” flummoxes anti-vaxxer

Devoted anti-vaccine advocate and holistic pediatrician, Dr. Harry Pavelsky, was genuinely conflicted when a patient.

Nine out of ten anti-vaxxers agree “We are smarter than doctors”

In a recent study conducted by internet users who are against vaccines, 90% of respondents.

breastfeeding in public
Gluten-free, anti-vaccine, chemtrail believing, anti-GMO natural mom wins award

LOS ANGELES, CA – The first annual Mommy Awards were held this past weekend in.

New 100% mercury vaccine stopped in Phase III of trial due to safety concerns

The bid for a 100% mercury vaccine was dealt a blow today as the researchers.

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