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OP Ed: Fluoride and water are BOTH toxic

OP Ed by Lanny Williams: In a breaking story from the Lancet, fluoride has been.

"The flu shot turned my son straight!" claims grieving mother

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Elaine Smith is beside herself with grief after she believes that.

Rob Schneider accidentally gets flu shot

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a cruel twist of fate, former funnyman and c-list celebrity.

Anti-vaccine cult leaders hold online meeting to prep members for flu season

A who’s who of the anti-vaccine cult, namely Billy DeMoss, Jenny McCarthy, Andrew Wakefield, Joseph.

Area mother claims "the flu shot turned my son gay!"

Local mother Anne Fitzpatrick is devastated that her beloved son, Austin, was turned “into a.

Anti-vaccer stocks up on essential oils and kale in preparation for flu season

Anti-vaccine mother of two Megan Reynolds is busy getting prepared for the upcoming flu season..