NSA whistleblower confirms "we are out to get you", conspiracy theorists vindicated

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WASHINGTON, DC – Speaking exclusively with The Spudd, NSA whistleblower Billiam Thomson confirmed that the NSA in conjunction with the CDC and FDA, are indeed out to hurt and kill every last American citizen.

“We have been doing it for the last 100 years” said Thomson. “Only recently has it come close to people finding out about it. The internet has really been hard on the conspiracy game. We asked Bill Gates to sterilize and kill thousands of people with at his vaccination clinics with polio, and that ended up being covered on over 100 conspiracy websites. We really hoped that would go unnoticed.”

Thomson doesn’t stop there either. He goes on to say that “95% of all conspiracy theories about vaccines are completely true. Vaccines were originally designed to cause autism and be used for mind control, the fact that they also produced immunity to diseases was a major set back.”

Thomson also confirmed that tinfoil hats are indeed the best way to avoid being tracked, and of course avoiding vaccines. The newest mind-control and depopulation efforts have been focused on GMO foods.

“We created Monsanto a long, long time ago with the goal to one day own the world’s entire food supply. Once we do that, we can geoengineer crops and spray them all with Roundup to give people everything from cancer to HIV, much like we tried to do with the SV40 vaccine contamination in the 50’s.”

Thomson next plans to call Andrew Wakefield and Jake Crosby, to see what he should do with all this information.


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