New study links vaccines to Shutterstock Syndrome

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new study from the University of California Los Angeles has linked vaccines with a little known disease called Shutterstock Syndrome. The study is being touted by many, especially anti-vaccine zealot Jim Carrey, as the new defining proof that vaccines are evil and killing our children.

Shutterstock Syndrome is characterized by the telltale watermarks on the children’s face, and a solid, single colored background which follows the child around.

“We are seeing more and more Shutterstock Syndrome than we ever have before” said Carrey. “The movie Trace Amounts shows that it is the mercury in vaccines which is causing this terrible illness in our nations children. I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m anti Shutterstock Syndrome.”

The study will be released in next month’s copy of the Journal of American Pediatrics.

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