New government app can identify unvaccinated people

A new government app developed with funding from the CDC and pharmaceutical giant GSK, will show the user where unvaccinated people are in their immediate area. The technology comes from DNA mapping the government has on file for each and every citizen, and the app taps into that DNA bank and searches the vaccine history of people nearby.

“This is great for people who they themselves cannot be vaccinated or have family members who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate reasons” said developer Steve Cook.

“This will allow users to know which areas to avoid if there is a large group of unvaccinated science-deniers in one particular place. The app can also pinpoint someone who has a certain infectious disease and let the user know to avoid that area.”


Well many feel the app is a great advancement for public health, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine zealots are vehemently against it.

“This is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Tracking citizens with their DNA? Nowhere did I consent to this. This a clear violations of our rights” said angry pro-disease advocate Toni Bark. “It is our right as human beings and American Citizens to get whatever diseases we want, and is our right to spread that disease to whomever we want. This app will only hinder us from doing that and further isolate our community of free thinkers.”

The app is set to appear on the app store later this afternoon for free.

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