Mother recounts horrific vaccine injury story of imaginary daughter

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SAN JOSE, CA – Rebecca Winthrop is heartbroken once again, after her second imaginary daughter was taken from her by vaccines. The first incident occurred less than two years ago and Rebecca recounted the horror story on social media across the anti-vaccine world.

“Yes I lost another fictitious child this week to the toxins in vaccines,” she said through tears. “I’m almost finished crafting my anecdote and tear-jerking story. When I’m done, I’ll post it to a handful of anti-vaccine facebook pages and comment boards to let everyone know.”

According to sources close to Winthrop, she prefers to tell her story in anti-vaccine circles since she is never questioned on the validity of her stories.

“She told me she tried to tell her vaccine-injury story to some people who understand vaccines and science and it went horribly wrong,” said neighbor Fran Drasher. “She said people started asking her specifics about what vaccine it was, what the doctor said, did she report it, all that stuff. She just called them shills and sociopaths and logged off.”

Winthrop said she doesn’t feel bad about making up her stories, since she knows for a FACT that vaccines are bad and killing people.

“We all do it, anti-vaccers. We all make up stories to get our point across: that we are scientifically illiterate and proud of it.”

Winthrop said once she finds the perfect stock photo of a little girl and a vaccine full of red liquid being forced on her, she will post the story.


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