Mom takes daughter for swim in pool filled with medicine

A mom in Newcastle, Connecticut has come under fire from her friends and family after she took her daughter, 7, to a local pool filled with medicine.

Natasha Gershen, 35, is a big proponent of homeopathic medicines, or more accurately, water. So when she heard that a new public pool was opening in her neighborhood she saw the perfect opportunity to get her and her daughter some free medication.

“I mean, we use homeopathic medicine for almost everything, including homeopathic vaccines…so why wouldn’t I want my daughter to soak up as much medicine as she could?” explains Gershen.

Her daughter, Madison, had recently gotten over the measles and mumps even though she had her homeopathic vaccinations less than 6 months previous.

“She was still feeling a little bit under weather, having also got the flu this year and missing a month of school. We treated her with homeopathic remedies and she was better within 5 weeks. I think soaking her in medicine can only be a good thing for her. It’s a great way for people to get free medicine too” says Gershen.

Homeopathic medicine dates back to 1796 and was debunked in 1797.


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