Mercola unveils new At Home Surgery Kit, only $599

LOS ANGELES, CA – Joseph Mercola has struck gold again, this time with his new do it yourself surgery kit. The kit includes detailed instructions for performing surgeries at home without giving any of your hard earned money over to the evils of Big Pharma and money hungry doctors.

“The hospitals make so much money off of minor surgeries it’s ridiculous. They pump you full of antibiotics and pay these surgeons outrageous salaries, all of which comes out of your pocket” explained Mercola, who we reached at his Los Angeles mansion. “But now for less than 600 dollars and the small chance of getting a life-threatening infection, you can keep that money in your wallet where it belongs.”

In order to purchase the kit, customers must fill out several waiver forms which free Mercola of any liability and confirm that the purchaser acknowledges that the kits are not to be used for at home surgery…

When asked about the possibility of lawsuits and legal troubles from the kits, Mercola seemed unphased:

“We do this type of stuff all the time. We advertise supplements that we say will cure your disease, then have a disclaimer that says this supplement will not cure your disease. Easy peasy.”

The kits are currently sold out.



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