Medical student continually annoys family and friends

1st year medical student Bennett Noseworthy was recently home for a long weekend and caught up with family and friends. Reports indicate that Noseworthy was “insufferable” and “really annoying” according to his family and closest friends.

“If he starts one more sentence with “well, in med school…” or uses the medical name for a common everyday thing one more time, I might lose my mind” said sister, Stephanie.

Apparently Noseworthy was no better with his high school and university friends, who he continually asked what they were up to this year – apparently just so he could tell them (again) that he was in med school.

“He knows I took a job with my dad’s construction company right after college” said childhood friend John Howard. “So I know the only reason he asked me was so that I would have to ask him the same question.”

Noseworthy said he plans on going home at least once a semester to stay grounded and remember where he came from: an upper class white neighborhood.


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