Local smoker refuses to use microwave for "health reasons"

Pack a day smoker Lynn Malone recently read about the horrors of microwave ovens and how bad they are for your health, and she immediately made a decision to never use one again.

“I read about how the microwave not only destroys the nutrients and alters the DNA of your food, but if you stand too close to one you can get cancer,” explained Malone. “Cancer is something I have no interest in getting!”

Malone is happy with her decision and believes it will set her up for a long and healthy life.

“Frankly I’m surprised so many people still use them, the information is out there that they are dangerous for you. I think some people are either ignorant or just addicted to using them,” said Malone. “I saw a post by the Food Babe about the dangers of microwaves and if Vani says they are bad, you know they are.”

Malone is referring to this post made in 2012 by The Food Babe:


Malone said she feels healthier since making the switch to a microwave-free lifestyle, except for a persistent cough and chest pain she has had for years.


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