Local anti-vaccer dies at 43 after getting natural immunity to diphtheria


NEW YORK, NY – In a tragic case of gone-too-soon, 43 year-old anti-vaccine science denier Jenny McCallister reportedly passed away last night due to complications from her natural immunity to diphtheria.

“This one really has us scratching our heads,” said Infectious Disease fellow Dr. Robert Parkinson. “Usually when people get natural immunity to a vaccine-preventable disease they do just fine, especially children.”

According to reports, McCallister intentionally tried to get diphtheria in order to get the coveted natural immunity. She also tried to get her kids immunity as well, but they did not manage to catch the bacteria.

“We are going to miss Jenny very much, we lost another one of our soldiers today,” said a saddened Sharyl Attkisson, former somewhat respected journalist. “We will continue fighting with every ounce of strength and ignorance we have until the world knows how dangerous we are, I mean vaccines are.”

Condolences from around the anti-vaccine world are pouring in for Mrs. McCallister from all corners of the flat earth.


“It’s so sad to see another brave anti-vaccer pass on. It’s still better than having autism though.”

-“Dad” Tim, Age of Autism


“I mostly feel bad for her children. Not that they lost their mother so much, but rather that they didn’t get to enjoy diphtheria with her.”

Modern Alternative Mama


 “I’m thinking about suing her actually.”

-Andrew Wakefield



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