Liver and pancreatic cancer rates continue to rise as organic food sales increase

organic food cancer

NEW YORK, NY – In a new report released today, the American Cancer Society released the latest cancer data for the USA with most cancers on the decline with the exception of liver and pancreatic cancers.

Whats even more shocking is that the increase in these two cancers mirrors the increase in organic food sales.

“We have noticed that over the past ten years, both liver and pancreatic cancer incidence rates have grown at a very similar rate to that of organic food sales,” said CDC scientist Dr. Chris Higgins. “We are looking further into the matter and are setting up some trials to hopefully get a better picture of the relationship between organic food and cancer.”

Many organic food advocates and companies are calling the report ridiculous and that the similar rate increase in cancer and organic food sales issimply coincidental.

“This is ridiculous. Just because two things happen to go up at the same time doesn’t mean one is causing the other,” said anti-gmo, pro-organic and anti-vaccine advocate Joel Gooding. “With the exception of vaccines and autism of course.”

While many anti-gmo advocates claim that there is a direct relationship between GMO food and cancer, chronic disease, etc. they do not believe this extends to organic food.

“No, no, no. If two things go up at the same time, and one of them is bad (like cancer or chronic diseases) you can only say it is caused by the other if you don’t like it, like vaccines or GMOs. That’s how it works,” explained Gooding.

The organic food industry is reportedly pouring money into refuting the claim and employing numerous people to write online comments claiming the report as fake and unfounded. They are also saying anyone who writes in favor of either this report or GMOs is a paid shill from Monsanto.


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