Leaked documents show several anti-vaccers on Big Pharma payroll

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In an explosive story obtained exclusively by The Science Post, several prominent anti-vaccers were discovered to be on the payroll of Big Pharma. Similar to a story broke by Anonymous two months ago, the list has far reaching implications.

As we know, un-vaccinated children make a lot more money for Big Pharma in the long run so it is not unreasonable to assume they have a stake in the anti-vaccine movement. The more people who forgo immunizations, the more people will eventually need Big Pharma’s drugs to save their lives.

Speaking on the agreement of anonymity, our source said “Big Pharma has a very long and rich history in the anti-vaccine movement. From Meryl Dorey in Australia to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in America, they have plants all over the world.”

It is unclear at this point how much or how often the anti-vaccine undercover agents are paid, but one can assume it is in the 6 or 7 figures.

“They (Big Pharma) has collectively spent over $3 billion in the last 5 years alone on getting people to not vaccinated” said the source.

More of the anti-vaccine cult members on the Big Pharma payroll are listed below:

Meryl Dorey

Sherri Tenpenny

William “Billy” DeMoss

Anne Dachel

John Stone

Jake Crosby

Ginger Taylor

More to come…


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