Investigators to investigate investigations


A group of conspiracy theory investigators is set to carry out a long and detailed investigation of the investigations into conspiracy theories. The theory being that the investigations into such things as 9/11, a vaccine-autism link, chemtrails, etc. are all carried out by investigators who are part of the very conspiracies they are tasked with investigating.

“It took some investigating, but we dug deep and found out some shocking details,” said former CBS reporter turned rogue truth exposer, Cheryl Asskisson. “A lot of the people who investigate things like 9/11 and vaccines causing autism are scientists or members of the government. How can we trust what their investigations supposedly show?”

Ms. Asskisson is not alone her crusade. A small group of internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists have all joined the investigation of the investigations into conspiracy theories (IOTIICT). Joining her will be such internet conspiracy heavyweights as “DaTrufhurtz”, “BanGMOs” and “Idfuckthefoodbabe” (real names hidden).

So why should people trust the conclusions of the IOTIICT instead of those backed by science and reason done by governments or scientists? “Easy” said Asskisson, “We don’t have an agenda. We are unbiased. We KNOW that our conspiracy theories are right, and now we’re going to prove it.”


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