Hundreds of people burn at anti-vaccine CDC rally as the stupid spreads

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Anti-vaccers were out in full force spreading the stupid in front of the CDC building this week, chanting that the CDC was “killing babies” with their vaccines. Unfortunately, things turn a serious turn for the worse when hundreds of onlookers spontaneously caught fire, as the stupid started to burn.

“The stupid has been known to burn, but we’ve never seen it in this magnitude before,” said Atlanta Fire Chief Frank Donaldson. “This was one giant powder keg. That much stupid confined to one area was bound to be a disaster.”

The anti-vaccers are claiming that the CDC intentionally lit them on fire.

“The CDC will claim this is another case of anti-vaccine stupidity causing fires, but we all know that is a lie,” said anti-vaccine cult leader Michelle Ford. “This is just another in a long line of CDC cover-ups. Vaccines and autism, chemtrails, the moon landing, the list goes on.”

Atlanta city hospitals are overrun with burn victims said local Big Pharma physician Dr. Steve Movella. “Our emergency departments and burn units are at over capacity,” explained Movella. “We had expected an increase in visits due to the rally, but not this much.”

At last report, anti-vaccers were starting to tie together Big Pharma and Big Fire in numerous conspiracies.


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