Homeopathic Lager to go on sale this summer

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A new micro brewery is set to enter the marketplace in California this summer. A new company, Homeopathic Lager, Inc. is launching a line of homeopathic beers in hopes of cornering the market on those who both drink beer and believe in magic water/sugar pills.

The initial line will have three varieties, “Full”, “Lite” and “Amber”. The Full and Amber versions will have 30C dilution (10−60 alcohol content) while the “Lite” version will be 12C (10−24 alcohol content)….we think…it may be the other way around, we can never get it straight.

Either way, none of the beers will contain any molecules of alcohol.

“You could literally have 10 of our beers and safely drive home, how many other beer makers can say that?” said CEO “Dr.” Paul Thero.