Guy Fawkes masks now second most lucrative industry behind pharmaceuticals

NEW YORK, NY – The symbol of the oppressed 99% everywhere is the well known Guy Fawkes mask. The mask is used to show a person’s individuality and separation from the herd of sheeple who blindly follow the government and capitalism.  In an ironic twist, it was revealed that the industry responsible for making the masks is booming, raking in over $547 billion last year. That places it only second to Big Pharma in terms of revenue.

Part of the success of the industry is the fact that they pay their workers in the factories pennies a day and force them to work in horrid conditions.

One of the leaders of the Occupy Movement – who use the mask to show how unique and edgy they are – told The Spudd that “We wear the masks as a sign that we will not stand for capitalist greed. The 1% own over 90% of the wealth in the world, and that is going to change. A revolution is coming.”

When asked about the working conditions of those who make the masks, the Occupy Movement leader had no response.

It has also been rumored that both Pfizer and GSK are interested in purchasing the companies which make the masks in what would be the biggest merger in the history of commerce.

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