“Grammer Nazis” catching up to anti-vaccers at being the worsest people on the internet

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The Kelsey Grammer Grammar Police (TKGGP), aka the Grammer Nazis, have been steadily climbing the ladder towards the anti-vaccer at being the most annoying persons on the internet.

“They have to be some of the most annoying people on all of the internets,” says Frank Sheppard of the TKGGP. “I’m not sure why they get so much pleasure out of pointing out other peoples miner grammer or spelling mistakes.”

Well many experts believe that anti-vaccers are uncatchable in this regard, some others experts believe the opposite.

“Of course anti-vaccine activists are at the pinnacle of annoying,” said Harvard professor of the internets, Dr. Bruce Alward. “But never count out the grammer nazis. They are everywhere and are only getting worser.”

TKGGP is set to release their biannual monthly most annoying list earlier next month.


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