GMO corn used for rodent control

Researchers working under the direction of Jean-Francois Séraliny have shown that GMO corn can be successfully used as a method of rat control. Many large metropolitan areas struggle to control the rodents, which are notoriously adaptable to pest control methods. However, researchers have confirmed that the tumor-inducing effects of GMO corn on rats make it the ideal method to control the animals.

“By leaving GMO corn in subway stations in New York City, we were able to dramatically reduce the rat population there,” said Séraliny.  “Rodents who get cancer don’t live long and the population falls rapidly and dramatically,” he told The Spudd.

Séraliny said that the beauty of this research was that it could be tested at home by anyone who doubted his conclusions. “I urge anyone who doubts these findings to leave GMO corn scattered around their own homes. Soon, any rodent problem you may have will be gone.”


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