Foreign woman nearing death from following Food Babe’s "can’t pronounce it" rule

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SPRINGFIELD, OH – Tatiana Orlov, 44, is reportedly nearing death from starvation after following the Food Babe’s “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it” rule to the extreme.

Science, Vaccines, Med School, SatireOrlov moved to America 4 months ago and cannot speak any English; she relies on translators and a Russian language app to get through her day to day life. Back in Russia, Orlov prided herself on being fit and eating healthy.

Orlov was admitted to Springfield General Hospital with extreme dehydration and malnutrition having not eaten anything in almost 3 weeks. she spoke to The Spudd Times through a translator:

“My friend told me about great woman name Babe, who give all sort of health advice. Everyone love her. She have one gold rule: you can’t pronounce name of food, you don’t eat. I can’t pronounce any English, so I no eat.”

Family members, whom speak both Russian and English, are encouraging Orlov to stop taking Food Babe’s advice.

“You can still eat healthy, even if you can’t pronounce the words,” said Orlov’s brother-in-law. “Everything in moderation I say. Hopefully Tatiana will come around and see how ridiculous Ms. Hari is before it’s too late.”

As of press time, Orlov was being given fluids of minerals and vitamins via banana bag.


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