Food Babe takes her ball and goes home – ruins charity soccer game

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A charity soccer game in southern California ended early this past week after the Food Babe, Vani Hari, promptly picked up her ball and went home.

Apparently Ms. Hari was upset with the way some people were criticizing her soccer skills and questioning some of the advice she was giving her fellow players.

“As far as I know, she is not a soccer expert,” said Landon Donovan, former star of Major League Soccer (MLS) and considered one of the best American Footballers of all-time. “She kept giving everyone advice on how to play and what to do. I asked her if she had any evidence for the soccer advice she was giving me and she got really upset.”

It was at this point that Ms. Hari picked up the soccer ball and stormed off the field. The other players in the charity game tried to stop her from leaving and pleaded with her to return the ball and keep playing. The Food Babe was apparently having nothing of it, stomping towards her car and throwing the ball in her trunk while using her hands to cover her ears from the criticism.

Reports indicate that Food Babe is preparing a blog post in response to her soccer haters.

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